16 Easy Ideas to Use Everyday Stuff in Kitchen Organization

For most of the families, entertainment and food travel side by side. This journey starts right from the cooking place which means that one needs to have a neat and clean kitchen. Such a kitchen could also be a great shining example for relatives and friends who might come over and admire your kitchen organizing abilities. Using the entire space necessary for your small kitchen can help you to store and make use of every nook and cranny in a proper manner.

There are certain simple and easy to do ideas that could be made use of, to help one organize and maximize the storage space which would enhance and keep your kitchen in order. These ways are simple, quick and should be a priority of one so that you could keep the best part of your house- the kitchen, a clean place. After all, one has to take care of the Food that is stored in there. No one would want to eat from a place where everything is dirty and in mess.

Here are given 16 easy ideas to use everyday stuff in Kitchen organization:-

16. Spice rack

Spice Rack
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What is food without proper mixture of spices and herbs in it? Well, spices and herbs are the big players for many chefs when it comes to creating a balanced food package. So while cooking these necessary ingredients might take a lot of storage space, what you can do is to properly utilize the spice rack by mounting it inside the cabinet door which would keep the spices in line. Thus, one can keep their spices organized and utilize the space left for storing pots and pans.

15. Over the sink cutting board

Over the sink cutting board
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To save enough space near the sink, you can go for Over the sink cutting board. It’s a simple long cutting board that is meant to fit over the sink. It is highly advantageous because not only do you save on the counter and cabinet space but these boards can also be used for cutting vegetables and fruits. Whether chopping or dicing over the sink, this board is the ultimate idea that saves space and also is easy to clean. You can even wash the dishes near the board and keep it as a cover over the sink later on to hide the dirty dishes.

14. Labelling

This is a real popular technique which is a great way to organize your kitchen. It’s like having your own library but with kitchen ingredients. Put labels on the jars and whenever you need it, you just need to see the label. It is a real help for people with bad eyesight, otherwise at times they might put sugar instead of salt in food and vice-versa. Labelling ensures that there is no guesswork involved.

13. Hanging pots

Hanging Pots and pans
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You can give yourself enough cabinet space with the help of this easy idea of hanging pots, pans and other cooking utensils. The remaining space can be helpful in setting up your own cookware that would seem aesthetically pleasing and styled up decoration for your kitchen.

12. Drawer inserts

Drawer inserts
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Haphazardly throwing your kitchen utensils and tools around is not going to help in creating space. Drawer inserts are a way wherein you can easily assess your tools with effective use of kitchen area.

11. Use of tension rod

Use of Tension rod
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Cleaning products are difficult to store and organize but with a tension rod, the spray bottles can be kept in a systematic order under the sink cabinet.

10. Bamboo steamer

Bamboo steamer
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Of course, the steamer in this case is not a boat but a steamer to store garlics and onions. This will keep them fresh and out of reach of dust.

9. Glass cleaners

Glass cleaners can be used for cleaning stainless steel appliances and your sink too. It helps in removing the fingerprints and any dirt that might stay on the sink. Rinse thoroughly afterwards and you would see the shine in your kitchen tools that wasn’t present earlier.

8. Turntable inside Fridge

Turntable inside fridge
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Yes, this is an easy idea that would let you see all the things from ketchup to beans easily without actually having to take things off the shelf one by one. With a turntable, there would be nothing hiding in the back.

7. Magnetic Chalkboard

Magnetic chalkboard
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An idea that can make it easy for you to record what you want. On it you could stick coupons, offer slips or notes and even have a calendar to keep the dates in check. It is useful for the ones who tend to forget things and this stuff would be their reminder for work.

6. Pull out racks

Pull out racks
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With pull out racks, one can organize and assemble the jars, spices and sauces in an arranged order. It increases the storage area capacity of the kitchen.

5. Custom herb garden

Custome Herb Garden
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This is a special idea for those who love gardening. An unusual way of being with nature while staying inside your kitchen! Having a custom herb garden can be of double use as you would have your own garden plus the herbs can be used as ingredients for food.

4. Magnetic knife rack

Magnetic knife rack
Courtesy- craftsy.com

An easy way to keep the knives out of child’s reach and to keep it near your reach, a magnetic knife rack is what you must have. Normal wooden racks aren’t easy to use as sometimes the knife gets stuck in them. Plus the kitchen counter would have space enough so that you could work comfortably. Magnetic rack has the advantage wherein you could see all the knives in front and can use whichever you need at the time.

3. Ladder shelf

Ladder shelf
Courtesy- craftsy.com

At times you need to climb to get your ingredients. You tend to get a stool or chair from another room. But just for your kitchen get an old ladder and paint it. If necessary transform it into an exquisite ladder shelf for your kitchen. This way you can use it for plates or cups or even better you can use it for getting up to get an ingredient. It would help in complementing your kitchen in its own pretty way.

2. Magnetic canisters

Magnetic canisters
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Magnets as in everyday stuff have another use of being made into canisters on the fridge. Here you could keep the spices and ingredients close to your reach.

1. Corner drawers

Corner drawers
Courtesy- architectureartdesigns.com

It has a unique approach towards connecting the corners of the drawers and making it totally useful. Usually, not in use, these corner drawers can even make the unusable part of your kitchen fully functional.

These are few of the easy ideas to use everyday stuff in kitchen organization with help of which your kitchen would have a breathing space and an aesthetic appeal to it.

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