10 Amazing Wall Shelf Designs

Many a times, the space in our homes falls too small to accommodate many a things. We may need to store books, show pieces, decorations, personal collections and even other paraphernalia. And no wonder how practical wall shelves are in these times of shrinking spaces of homes. They don’t need any floor space and can be placed anywhere in the home. But having just an ordinary wall shelf may hamper with the appearance of your home. They may look awkward in comparison to the beautiful decor of your home and may dampen the look of your home. But, if the wall shelves are beautiful, then they may add elegance to the design of your home. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing and creative wall shelf designs.

10. Cylindrical wall shelves

Who says that wall shelves need to be rectangular in shape? These days, wall shelves come in various sizes and shapes. Cylindrical wall shelves look beautiful on the walls and can be arranged in a beautiful fashion, giving rise to a beehive like pattern. Just arrange the cylindrical containers of diverse sizes in a haphazard manner and see the magic they create in your room. You can place flower pots, books, fruits, materials of clay, soft toys and many other things in the cylindrical cavities. Go out and transform the flat pieces of wood of your book shelf into rounded cylindrical rolls.


9. Bookworms on the go!!

If shelves can hold books, can books be far behind to hold shelves? These days, people are coming up with such amazing designs for wall shelves that one cannot even think of. Just get hold of your old books, and yes they must be sturdy too, and fix them on the wall using metallic angles. The flat surface of the books can hold items for you and can be a perfect wall shelf for your needs. The higher the number of pages in the book, the sturdier the look will be. And when covered with coloured paper, the books can look like adorable wall shelves. Bring home this vintage look of having books as wall shelves.


8. The typography

The design lovers and the typography experts will adore this wall shelf. This wall shelf has the letters of a word printed on a metal or piece of stainless steel. The text can then be pulled out and turned at right angles to the piece of steel. Once done, the turned section acts as base of the shelf and is used for holding things. This kind of wall shelf is rarely seen in any house and if you adopt it, you may turn out to be a pioneer in the neighbourhood. It features 2D cut letters and the letters are bent along the perforations.


7. Modular shelf by Giulio Parini

What will it feel like if your wall shelf looks like a contraption? Let the hidden engineer and designer inside you be unleashed and let it bring to your home this grand design of wall shelf designed by Giulio Parini, which is a combination of few iron rods and a few connectors. This does away with having compact surfaces for your books and other objects. The minimalist design helps us to hang a variety of items on the rods without losing the aesthetics of the interior of the home.


6. Twisted stairs

This wall shelf looks as if it a twisted staircase. Made of wood, this consists of wood being turned in right angles alternately. Many a times, wall shelves look good in a corner. This wall shelf is actually made to fit in the corners of your room without taking enough space. This wall shelf can find space even in the smallest of rooms in your home and even at the most private places, like your restroom, your bathroom or even your personal study room. This well-balanced wall shelf has been designed by William Feeney and looks elegant inside well lit rooms.


5. The Bao Shelf

The Tuyo Design Studio has come up with this stupendous design of book shelf which consists of a sturdy flat surface along with strips of felt. It is modular in design and quite adaptable to any type of interior. A few carved slots and help to keep the items upright and the stripes of felt can be used to hang things on the shelf. This ingenious shelving system is quite minimalist in design and can help the user to add as many levels as he wants. You can hang bottles, envelopes, books and even stationery on the stripes of felt.


4. Stairway style

The walls look awesome when they have shelves designed like stairway. The entire wall shelf can span from the bottom till the very top. These wall shelves look astounding under the stairs. You can keep books, envelopes, bottles, and a variety of items inside the shelves. Moreover, these shelves not only give an option of keeping things inside them but also over them. A perfect combination of colour contrast between the wall colour and the colour of the shelf will certainly make the interiors look stunning.


3. Under the stairs

What of you are not finding place to have a wall shelf anywhere? Have you ever looked under the stairs at your home? The room under the stairs is one of the most under-utilised spaces and even non-utilised spaces in a majority of homes. What if this space can be carved out and turned into a wall shelf? Compartments can be created at each step and various items ranging from books to soft toys to even wine bottles can be stored in these compartments. This helps you to utilise the space better and to show how space efficient you are in your approach.


2. Random wooden wall shelf

This wall shelf comprises blocks of wood and cavities made out of wood arranged in a random manner. From books to magazines to other articles of the home can be showcased in these book shelves and can be retrieved easily anytime. Moreover, the height of such a book shelf helps to store many things at one place. The covered areas may not be necessarily blocks of wood but covered compartments like drawers or small cupboards. The design of the wall shelf is quite minimalist and adds elegance to the interiors of the room, especially the living room.


1. Branch wall shelf

This may not be a good idea for things which you always want to be upright. But for things like clay articles, magazines, books and novels, the branch wall shelf is an amazing idea. The wall shelf looks like a branch of tree springing out of an edge of the room and spreading out on the wall creating enough space for your articles to settle in.


Wall shelves are no longer boring in design. If properly made and properly matched iwth teh decor, they can weave a different magic to your home.

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