Amazing Home With Impressive Green Roof, Singapore

It’s not very often that I stumble upon an amazing home like this one. But when I do, I make sure you see it too. Today’s piece of modern architecture I found is this interesting home designed by Guz Architects in Santosa Island in Singapore. Santosa is very popular island resort with over 2 kilometre long beach, golf courses and many other beautiful parks. As you can imagine (or remember if you ever went there) island is full of greenery, vegetation and gardens. Imagine what regulations and rules one house needs to fulfill in order to get permission to be built there. But, instead of choosing the easy way, Guz Architects accepted the challenge and turned this into the opportunity to build one amazing home.

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Sky Garden House offers 852 square meters of amazing living space. It is designed to fully blend with gorgeous nature around it. Definitely the most noticeable and most impressive feature on this amazing house is green roof. This is something you don’t see very day. I believe I’ve posted only one house similar to this one and if I remember right, that was the Wall House, located in Singapore as well. Singapore really kicks ass when it comes to amazing modern homes. I strongly recommend to check them out here. Going back to impressive Sky Garden House, I would also love to mention those brilliant curved stairs. You’ve probably seen this photo many times on the internet. Now you can see the rest of this house. Besides awesome stairs there is also very cool swimming pool glass wall facing the house and creating very unique atmosphere. All in all, very impressive and amazing home. What do you think? amazing_home_with_impressive_green_roof_singapore_on_world_of_architecture_02-5167794
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amazing_home_with_impressive_green_roof_singapore_on_world_of_architecture_14-6859101 All photos © Patrick Bingham Hall

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