New Town Home Decorated in Old Neve Tzedek Style, Israel

hdrtist-hdr-http-www-ohanaware-com-hdrtist-221 For those who love a little bit of history in architecture and design, here’s a beautiful home decorated in 1930s Tel-Aviv Design, located in the capital of Israel, Tel Aviv. The house is designed by Dubi Witt and of course, photographed by my friend Itay Sikolsky. According to the architects, house is designed in the style of old Neve Tzedek. Speaking of furniture, kitchen cabinets are decorated with vintage refrigerator handles and hinges. Pretty cool and good looking. For the central kitchen island is used old oak tree while coffee table in the living room has old iron wheels from railroad trolley. The house is full of vintage details.

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On the upper floor is children’s room with puppet theater, bedroom with suspended bed and charming home office. Because of slanted roof, upper floor gives atmosphere like attic. The house is definitely not large, but its charm and atmosphere are priceless. Especially for someone who loves vintage decor. “Neve Tzedek is established in 1887, 22 years before the 1909 founding of the City of Tel Aviv. A group of Jewish families, seeking to move outside of over-crowded old  Jaffa, built the new settlement. In the following years the area suffered from neglect, the old houses and streets crumbling away. Only in the 1980’s, the place recaptured its former prestige, and has since become an attractive residential area with plenty of restaurants, galleries and designer shops. The architecture of Neve Tzedek is definitely one of the highlights in the area. Attached houses on 80 to 270 sq/m plots characterize the area. “Witt architect” Office is situated and works in New Tzedek since 1991. Issues such as privacy in a dense area, the quality of space and the important role of the court are major factors taken into consideration while planning in an area such as Neve Tzedek. The relationship between the inner space and the outer space, giving a wider experience of space especially on such small plots. An experience that brings us the air, light and nature making it an integral part of our living space. This new house was designed on a 270 sq/m plot. The plan resembles the old plans of houses in Neve Tzedek containing the main house with a small room outside in the court. A room that in old houses was used as a toilet. Although the facade where simple, in the inner spaces of old Neve Tzedek you see colorful tiles and beautiful wall paintings. The simplicity of the outside facade and the inner richness was kept in the new plan. This townhouse contains a living area, kitchen and dining area on the ground floor plus a small studio separated from the main building. The ground floor is strongly connected to the outside court.  On the second floor are the bedrooms and in the basement there is a tv room plus parking area. Many of the non fixed furniture was bought and restored in the flee market off old Jaffa.”

                    -Dubi Witt

My good friend Itay also photographed some other amazing homes in Israel, like this incredible triplex penthouse and even new Google office, so take a look and enjoy!

All photos © Itay Sikolsky

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