Warm Modern Vertical Home In San Francisco

San Francisco is known for its beautiful streets where local townhouses look like they are squeezed between each other. SB Architects continued this requirement and tradition when designing Bernal Heights home in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city. Requirement to build vertical created nice opportunity to build unique modern home which will offer warm atmosphere and lovely city views. All three floors are designed in order to take maximum out of small plot.

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“he goal for this project was to seize the unique zoning opportunity to build a new home on this desirable, but never-developed, corner site in a dense San Francisco neighborhood.  The design concept was driven by the micro-features of the site and the desire to create a contemporary design expression that was rooted in Northern California architectural and sustainable ideals.  The basic envelope was shaped in large part by the neighborhood planning code, which dictated elements such as bay windows, notched side yards and inset entries to create movement and shadow along the streetscape. While the design is rooted in the local vernacular and code within this traditional San Francisco neighborhood, the interpretation is distinctly clean and modern.”   warm_modern_home_in_san_francisco_on_world_of_architecture_02-8965265
All photos © Bruce Damonte

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