Fantastic Street Furniture – The Lampbrella

There’s a lot of talented designers out there which could really make the quality of life better in numerous countries. Mikhail Belyaev is one of them and we really like this guy. Take a look why.
This young Russian designer made a Lampbrella. A What? Street lamps with installed umbrellas for keeping you dry when unexpected rain shower occurs. How great is that? I mean, how many times happened you had to go somewhere but you didn’t know whether you need an umbrella or not? It even has the rain sensor and motion sensor which will report when there’s no one under it and close the umbrella. This sounds really great and we hope this kind of street furniture becomes reality because it is extremely simple and useful. What do you think? fantastic_street_furniture_the_lampbrella_on_world_of_architecture_02-4530656
All photos © Mikhail Belyaev

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