56 Leonard Street Construction Site, New York

© Derek2k3/WNY

56 Leonard Street by Herzog & De Meuron Architects is one of the most popular projects in New York City at the moment. But there is a good thing, and a bad thing. Bad thing is that tower is currently on hold because of financial situation in the world and the good thing is that there’s really big chance that it’s going to continue towards sky soon. 
You can read more about the 56 Leonard Street here on our website. While we’re still waiting for construction to continue, here are few shots from the construction site. Foundations and underground floors are already built, which means, where construction get green light, this tower will shoot out into the sky. Take a look.   

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Update: construction resumed.

© Derek2k3/WNY

© Derek2k3/WNY

© Derek2k3/WNY

© Derek2k3/WNY
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