2 World Trade Center by Foster and Partners

2 World Trade Center or 2WTC also known as 200 Greenwich Street is 2nd tallest skyscraper on the WTC site, designed by Foster + Partners. And also, the only one currently on hold. The reason is, no interest for this office skyscraper. Basement levels are built to the street level and now some mayor tenant is needed to continue further construction up to the 411m (1350ft) and 88 floors. Interesting fact, new 2WTC will be as tall as former 2WTC, while 1WTC will have roof on the same height as former 1WTC. Symbolism everywhere.  “At 1,349 feet, 2 WTC tower will contain five levels of retail; four trading floors; 60 office floors — a of total 3.1 million rentable square feet; and a 67-foot-high office lobby. Its eight entrances will allow access at street level, below-grade at the WTC Transportation Hub, and at the retail area. A typical office area will vary in size from 41,000 to 45,000 rentable square feet of space. Trading floors will be 65,000 square feet. 2 WTC’s central cruciform core – steel encased in reinforced concrete – will provide the structural backbone to the tower. Its safety systems will exceed New York City building code and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey requirements, and  it will seek to to achieve the LEED Gold standard for energy efficiency.   2 World Trade Center will be a powerful statement of hope as we look to the future. Its height celebrates the spirit of the city and the diamond shape top will be a crowning landmark in Manhattan’s new skyline. A central cruciform will provide the core for four blocks containing fifty-nine light-filled, flexible, column-free office floors. Atop these office floors, the glass façades will be sheared off at an angle to address the WTC Memorial Park. The upper floors contained within the diamond summit will provide sweeping views of the park, the river, and the city. Foster + Partners’ design for 2 WTC will take structural, functional, security, environmental, and urban logic to a new dimension. The cruciform core provides an organizing diagram. High-speed shuttle elevators rise to an intermediate sky lobby where the upper floors will be served by two further banks of elevators. This will facilitate cross-circulation and provide excellent orientation at every level. The cruciform core allows flexible office zones and stairwells along the perimeter. At street level, glass walls open up the space to the surrounding city, and the lobby will connect directly with the Greenwich Street entrance to the subway. The lobby will rise in level along Vesey Street and includes a further connection with the transport system via escalators and a four-story shopping area connecting with Fulton Street and spilling out onto the Wedge of Light plaza.”


Current situation at the site: ncasy-3230114

2WTC under construction a few months ago:

Photo by Joe Woolhead

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All info and images from wtc.com

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