432 Park Avenue by Rafael Vinoly

432 Park Avenue, a new skyscraper currently under construction in New York, will kick of the throne a few buildings, but no one knows about it. New York’s tallest residential building, New York’s second tallest building, one of the tallest buildings in Americas and definitely one of the tallest residential buildings in the world. Not to mention one of the slimmest buildings in the world. 
On the site of former Drake Hotel on Park Avenue, Manhattan, construction is already started in order to build one of the New York’s tallest, designed by Rafael Vinoly. 432 Park Avenue is set to rise 426m (1,398ft) above Manhattan. Residents will enjoy incredible views of Central Park and way beyond. Every floor will have really high ceiling since there will be only 89 floors. The project is still big mystery and you won’t find much about it online. We will keep an eye on architect’s site and wait for more detailed info.

For now only these renderings are released in public. We managed to dig some more information, drawings, floor plans and diagrams along with the 3 live webcams of construction site. You can check it out here.

Latest December construction update with set of floor plans.

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