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Welcome to WorldofArchi.com blog , the best blog about architecture, design, art, photography and everything related to buildings.

Modern designs, comfortable houses with high quality interior design. These are some of the characteristics of homes that we present in our blog. We’ll show you how architects and designers work to create beautiful houses for people around the world.    

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Our blog brings you to the life in beautiful homes. Many types of architecture from around the world are presented by us from modern villas to luxurious mansions. We’re glad to have you as a reader and we will gladly be looking forward to your comments!

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Our blog is divided into several categories for better orientation. We present villas, skyscrapers, hotels and other types of buildings in each category. If you are interested in one type of architecture more than another you can find it very easily.  


In this category you will find single-family homes and other types of buildings which can be used as housing. From the ultra-modern to simple wooden cottages, all types of homes are published here.

I always try to find beautiful homes, some are very simple but have small details that make them special. I hope you will enjoy this category.

Interior Designs

People love to read our blog because of the beautiful interior designs that we show. Our designs are often unique and interesting, and they often reflect the personality of the builder or owner. We also show a variety of different styles, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


For those who love extreme heights and urban panoramas we present skyscrapers from all over the world. We also show some images from inside of these megatall structures. They make us feel small, but at the same time give us a feeling of freedom and space. We hope you will enjoy our selection of skyscrapers from all around the world!

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Take a look at some pretty pictures captured in and around our premises.

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“I like your blog because it features both different types of architecture as well as specific homes. It really gives me a lot to look at and I can return to it again and again!”

– Emily Hunt

“I enjoy this blog because it presents a variety of different styles and colors. You can find houses from all over the world, so if you travel a lot, this is a great collection to have.”

– Amanda

“I like your blog because you show a wide range of building types and styles. There is something for everyone here, from modern skyscrapers to small cottages. It’s really great that there’s such diversity!”

– Ronald

“I love your blog! I especially enjoy seeing the diverse range of interior designs that are presented here. It’s an amazing source for those who love architecture and design.”

– Kevin