World of Architecture is an online blog founded in 2012 with one goal, to collect information and pictures of architectural projects around the globe and share them with the readers.  Founder and owner of World of Architecture is young student Dino Vabec who graduated from High School of Engineering, Architecture and Design. At the moment he … Read more

Top 10 Opera Houses in the World

Witnessing a performance at an opera house is a treat for all the senses. Their appeal lies not only in the magnificent performances but also in their decor, architecture and the atmosphere of the place. It is certainly a magical experience. Apart from being a treat for all classical music lovers, opera houses are historical … Read more

St. Augustine School by Acton Ostry

What can be the best part about going to school? For me it was the Games period and for you, it might be the library. But for some the best part of being in school is to read the inspirational quotes on the walls, especially on brick walls that have been restructured into an architectural … Read more

9 Ways To Add Some Animals To Your Décor

9 Ways To Add Some Animals To Your Décor Most of us are animal lovers at heart; some of them shower us with love and affection we term as “humanly impossible”, while the rest of them exist to show us how beautiful Mother Nature can be with her fauna creations. Animal decorations are obviously a … Read more

9 Interesting Pedestrian Bridge Designs From Around The World

Pedestrian bridges or more commonly known as footbridges offer great access for pedestrians and cyclists by linking two distinct areas such as roads, mountainous terrain, rivers etc. Since time immemorial, these bridges have facilitated safe movement and with changing technology, these bridges have witnessed great improvements in terms of design, strength, structure and material used. … Read more